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I need to do the following for the purposes of paging a query in nHibernate:

Select count(*) from 
(Select e.ID,e.Name from Object as e where...)

I have tried the following,

select count(*) from Object e where e = (Select distinct e.ID,e.Name from ...)

and I get an nHibernate Exception saying I cannot convert Object to int32.

Any ideas on the required syntax?


The Subquery uses a distinct clause, I cannot replace the e.ID,e.Name with Count(*) because Count(*) distinct is not a valid syntax, and distinct count(*) is meaningless.

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Seems we need to see the application/c# code after call returns –  l_39217_l Sep 22 '08 at 17:57

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var session = GetSession();
var criteria = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Order))
                    .Add(Restrictions.Eq("Product", product))
return (int) criteria.UniqueResult();
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NHibernate 3.0 allows Linq query.

Try this

int count = session.QueryOver<Orders>().RowCount();
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The QueryOver extension is not actually the Linq provider, but good option for getting a count –  Surya Pratap Mar 4 at 9:29

Solved My own question by modifying Geir-Tore's answer.....

 IList results = session.CreateMultiQuery()
        .Add(session.CreateQuery("from Orders o").SetFirstResult(pageindex).SetMaxResults(pagesize))
        .Add(session.CreateQuery("select count(distinct e.Id) from Orders o where..."))
    return results;
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Here is a draft of how I do it:


public IList GetOrders(int pageindex, int pagesize)
    IList results = session.CreateMultiQuery()
        .Add(session.CreateQuery("from Orders o").SetFirstResult(pageindex).SetMaxResults(pagesize))
        .Add(session.CreateQuery("select count(*) from Orders o"))
    return results;


public DataTable GetOrders(int startRowIndex, int maximumRows)
    IList result = dao.GetOrders(startRowIndex, maximumRows);
    _count = Convert.ToInt32(((IList)result[1])[0]);

    return DataTableFromIList((IList)result[0]); //Basically creates a DataTable from the IList of Orders
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the problem stems from the fact that I need a Count() of the distinct results of the first query, as a count() within the query does not produce the same number (3 results vs 54 results due to several joins.) –  ForCripeSake Sep 22 '08 at 20:33
Ah, right. Sorry I missed that –  Geir-Tore Lindsve Sep 23 '08 at 1:26

I prefer,

    public IList GetOrders(int pageindex, int pagesize, out int total)
            var results = session.CreateQuery().Add(session.CreateQuery("from Orders o").SetFirstResult(pageindex).SetMaxResults(pagesize));

            var wCriteriaCount = (ICriteria)results.Clone());


            total = Convert.ToInt32(wCriteriaCount.UniqueResult());

            return results.List();
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Do you need e.Id,e.Name?

just do

select count(*) from Object where.....

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Sorry, I forgot to add the stipulation that the subquery was distinct. –  ForCripeSake Sep 22 '08 at 17:42

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