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On my production system i get an error in the symfony router:

Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Compilation failed: unmatched parentheses at offset 60 in /mypath/app/cache/prod/appprodUrlMatcher.php line 205

Whereas on the local machine and on another server it works fine.

I digged in the cache and the pattern for the route is different:

Working on my dev server:


Not working on production:


the route is:

    pattern: /hotels/{groupId}-{groupName}
    defaults: { _controller: "MyBundle:Hotel:hotel", requirements:{ groupName: "[a-zA-Z1-9\+\/]+" } }

I read some issues on github that similar errors are possible when using an old PCRE.
Mine seems new enough thou: PHP 5.3.6 with PCRE Version 8.11.
I am on Solaris.

The patterns are generated by symfony, right? So, why are the patterns different?
And after all why doesnt it work? Has somebody any clue?

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This was not a symfony issue but rather a bug in the PHP 5.3.6 version on this Solaris machine.
The constant INF returned float(0) which blew up the routing.

See more here: php INF has value zero

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