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Things like DHCP, IP addresses, configurations...that kind of thing. I have a Google search open, and it seems like there's just so much out there, I'm not sure where to begin. Perhaps there are some especially good websites/books/blogs out there that might help. Thanks

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You have 5,000+ Rep and your asking a non-programming question? –  UnkwnTech Sep 22 '08 at 17:19
I think that depending on the shop, programmers might need to do sysadmin work. It might also be nice if you run your own network, which could be for programming purposes (eg, your own web and database servers). –  Thomas Owens Sep 22 '08 at 17:23
I agree, this is a programming-focused site. If we focused on other fields, that is a slippery slope. Perhaps someone in the future will make a stack overflow for networking, but for now this question si offtopic. Now Scripting for a network may be a relevant issue. –  Gilligan Sep 22 '08 at 17:23
I don't think it's off-topic, especially since at one time, this was +1...someone else other than me must find this to be a good question if they upmodded it. –  Thomas Owens Sep 22 '08 at 17:24
1) The author of an offtopic question will never admit a question is offtopic 2) You will always find somebody to both vote up and answer to an offtopic question, that still does not make it ontopic –  Florian Bösch Sep 22 '08 at 17:27

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Network administration is a very broad field, and just about every organization will have its own ideas about the skills that are required. A good understanding of fundamentals never hurts, though, and one of the best books I've ever encountered for that purpose is Howard C. Berkowitz's Designing Addressing Architectures for Routing and Switching.

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You might like to look at the book The Practice of System and Network Administration (Amazon link).

The first edition of this was an excellent book and this new edition has also received glowing reviews.

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If you're looking for a good primer on the mechanisms that allow the internet to work, I learned the most about it from Security Now! Unfortunately, around episode 75, it starts getting really bad and turns into an hour long infomercial for the Sony E-reader, but up until then is really good.

Having a fundamental understanding of what makes all of this work makes finding problems so much easier.

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For the basics what you need to start with is a TCP/IP introduction. For the actual act of administration that varies from one OS to another so you need to mention which OS you are using.

You might want to ask this question on the administrator version of this stackoverflow: http://serverfault.com/

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