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I'm using Slim as the templating language for my HTML email. When pretty mode is turned off in production, it puts all the HTML on one line. When the emails go through Sendgrid, a line break is introduced at the 998th character, breaking the HTML. Sendgrid does this to comply with the email RFC.

How can I turn pretty mode off while rendering the email, tell Slim to respect the maximum line length, or introduce a hard line break?

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I know your question said you wanted to leave pretty mode off, but I think turning it on in production is a better solution than inserting line breaks randomly. Slim::Engine.set_default_options :pretty => true –  Jack Chu Nov 27 '12 at 23:03
Maybe if I could turn it on just for the HTML emails, not globally. –  Adam Loving Dec 10 '12 at 19:11

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Adding a few of these

= "\r\n"

throughout the email template solved the problem.

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Just add data-force-encoding="✓" attribute to the body tag. That will make Rails to send email as quoted printable (trick is to use UTF8 char in fact). See: https://github.com/slim-template/slim/issues/123

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