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I tried both the Intent-receiver and the onKeyDown Method. Both work fine for most buttons but the Beats Solo Headset has multiple Buttons and only the Play Button is detected, the + / - Buttons don't trigger the Receiver nor they trigger onKeyDown().

Any ideas?

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Do you have any evidence that these are supposed to work on Android? For example, is there some advertising or something indicating that these buttons work with Beats-enabled HTC devices? I mean, I can probably create a headset with a "stir-fry" button, but that does not mean that pressing it will trigger anything inside Android. :-) – CommonsWare Jul 23 '12 at 19:59
they don't work with android thats why I write the app ;) – bluewhile Jul 23 '12 at 20:03

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Ok, I found the problem in the AOSP Tech Specs. There are a lot of HID Interactions that aren't defined for Android. So I will try to read out the HID code with a scope and map this Key to Android.


EDIT: I connected them to the scope while a menu button press is clearly visible, the + amplitude is pretty small and - is nearly indetectable. I attached both scope screenshots. If anyone has found a solution then contact me please.

NOTE: the screenshot shows the menu button pressed 3 times!

+ Button press

Menu button press - 3 times

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