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I have a feeling the answer is going to be something super simple, but I've been hitting a mental block for some reason. I have a project I am working on that uses a MVVM pattern that includes entity framework and has a repository implemented. I created a DTO that only contains 3 properties representing fields within a certain Entity that I have. The DTO is named ParticularGroupDto and looks super simple:

public class ParticularGroupDto : BasicModelBase
    private string _groupName;
    private Guid _groupId;
    private Guid? _managerUserId;

    public string GroupName
        get { return _groupName; }
        set { SetValueAndNotify(() => GroupName, ref _groupName, value); }

    public Guid GroupId
        get { return _groupId; }
        set { SetValueAndNotify(() => GroupId, ref _groupId, value); }
    public Guid? ManagerUserId
        get { return _managerUserId; }
        set { SetValueAndNotify(() => ManagerUserId, ref _managerUserId, value); }

Within my Repository.Group file I've got a method:

public ParticularGroupDto GetParticularGroup(Guid id)
    var manager = DevForce.CreatePrimeEntities();
    IEntityQuery<ParticularGroupDto> query = from k in manager.Groups
                                               where k.GroupId == id
                                               select new ParticularGroupDto
                                                   GroupName = k.GroupName,
                                                   GroupId = k.GroupId,
                                                   ManagerUserId = k.ManagerUserId

    IEnumerable<ParticularGroupDto> list = query.Execute();
    ParticularGroupDto firstParticularGroupDto = query.FirstOrDefault();
    return firstParticularGroupDto;

Which I want to simply execute this query that I've got but when it hits query.Execute(); I get Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Any ideas on what the issue is here? Much appreciate for taking a look!

UPDATE I also need to mention that the method that passes the "id" parameter here is as follows:

 ParticularGroup = Repository.GetParticularGroup(CurrentEntity.GroupId);

It just simply grabs a guid that resembles a GroupId for the CurrentEntity that has been loaded (in this case it's the GroupId from the Group entity). I did verify that it is being passed properly by debugging it as well.

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Any InnerException? –  maxbeaudoin Jul 23 '12 at 19:35
InnerException: null Message: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Reflection.RtFieldInfo' to type 'System.Reflection.PropertyInfo'. –  justin peterson Jul 23 '12 at 19:41

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