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when I go to a facebook fan tab, and use IE, and click back, it doesn't do anything because always gets in the way. The back button works great for all other browsers. There apparently is a proxy page that does a redirect back to the fan tab. There was facebook question about two years ago on the same question, but apparently no one has solve it yet.

I noticed that a some fan tabs have the same problem, where you have to click back 15 to 20 times to actually go back to the fan page, while others only take 2 backs. I was wondering if anyone knows a solution to this particular problem.

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Okay I think I figured it out..

No matter what there will have to be at least 2 backs, but the Page Tab URL can't just be

It has to be or index.html etc.

Or you can do but you won't be able to get the signed request.

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