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I need to bcc someone if agencyType_ID in the company table is 2. How do I do this? So far I've got

<cfquery name="checkAgencyType" datasource="#APPLICATION.primaryDSN#">
    SELECT * FROM company WHERE agencyType_ID=2

And inside the <cfmail> I would have

<cfif query=”checkAgencyType”>bcc=””></cfmail>

EDIT: I should've mentioned I already have it working to send mails using to and cc fields so I'd rather not refactor a bunch of code. But most of the replies seem not to need this :-)

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I would use the attribute collection argument. It allows you to pass attributes to a tag as a structure. This way you can define your static attributes and then dynamically add any others. As long as the attribute key names match they will get passed to the tag.

<cfset args = {
    from = "",
    to = "",
    subject = "My Subject",
    type = "HTML"

<cfif checkAgencyType.agencyType_ID EQ 2>
    <cfset args.bcc = "">

<cfmail attributeCollection="#args#">
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This is one of the things I love about ColdFusion... here we have different answers and multiple ways to solve the problem, all valid, with different styles depending on specific needs and development style. I love this language. :) – Justin Scott Jul 24 '12 at 15:15

you're on the right track, you'd just want to set it as a variable.

<cfset bccaddress = '' />
<cfif checkAgencyType.RecordCount>
  <cfset bccaddress = '' />

This assumes that by having a record returned in your query you want to add a bcc address.

Then include it in your tag by using <cfmail to="" from="" subject="My subject" bcc="#bccaddress#">

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Would it work if I set the variable to bcc="" so if the RecordCount is 0 there would be no bcc at all (instead of bcc="")? See what I'm saying or no? – Celeritas Jul 23 '12 at 20:20
@Celeritas no, that will not work. it won't hurt to have bcc="" in the cfquery tag. You cannot store tag attributes in a variable. You can store a value that is passed to that attribute, but not the attribute as "attr='some value'", that is not valid CF syntax. – Sean Coyne Jul 23 '12 at 20:34

You can use an "inline if" to check the query for a result and, if found, set an e-mail address. Otherwise, it will set the bcc attribute to be blank.

  bcc="#iif(checkAgencyType.recordCount, de(''), de(''))#"
  This is a cool message.
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