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Last week i searched for good free or opensource solutions and component for GIS (Geographical Information Systems) I founded some system but no one fill my requirements

  • SharpMap is very buggy software
  • is very slow
  • MapWindow have a very complex structure and is very buggy.

I founded uDIG but is in java, i need a solution in or c#.

Anyone know a good solution that fill my requirements or have alternatives, i accept solutions?

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You are limiting yourself a lot by insisting on .NET. I don't know of anything other than SharpMap or MapWinGIS ActiveX (MapWindow). Here are some free, but not .NET, options for Windows desktop applications.

If you'd consider writing your standalone application in Python or C++:

Or if you'd consider writing a plug-in or a customisation for an existing GIS:

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I think that you've covered it already. There really aren't any production quality open source GIS project out there using C#. Most of the good work is being done in Java, C/C++ or Python these days. If you must use the .NET Framework then I think the best of the bunch is indeed SharpMap.

Failing that you need to look at commercial products from companies like Of course, it also depends on what you need: web services, Windows Forms control, WPF, etc. In the past I've managed to whip up some C# that constructed the right XML to send to a Java server-based mapping engine, so you could look at something like GeoServer and build your own client. Obviously not what you want to get in to but I don't see that you have many options beyond the ones you've listed.

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I follow ESRI and worked with software from this guys. But actually my company don't have funds to buy and license ESRI software. I see ESRI created the ARCGIS Explorer is cool product and is extensible. Cool i can use it its very professional. – pho3nix Aug 12 '09 at 22:16

I would recommend to look in to MapAround

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Have you checked out SharpMap? It's available on codeplex.

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I wrote wrong i edited my text from SharpGis to SharpMap. – pho3nix Jul 21 '09 at 23:43

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