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I've got a model called User with:

has_one :etho

And a model called Etho with:

belongs_to :user

I've got a build on the create method in User:


And for some reason when I login, I am still able to create more than 1 etho! A user should only have 1 etho and shouldn't be able to create any more than 1! Why isn't this working?

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I think you misunderstand what build_etho does - according to the documentation


"build_association(attributes = {}) Returns a new object of the associated type that has been instantiated with attributes and linked to this object through a foreign key, but has not yet been saved."

that is, each time you call build_etho, a new Etho object is created (build, that is, not saved in the db yet) - a user will always be linked to exactly one, probably the last created, but calling build_etho will not guarantee that only one is created from your User object!

What exactly are you trying to do?

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How a user can only have 1 settings, I am attempting to make it so a user can only have 1 etho. Not sure if I know correctly how to do this. I want to make it so as a user, they've already got an etho (1 only) and they will then update it. No creation on their part. –  Patrick A. Jul 23 '12 at 23:37
Before you call @user.build_etho first check if etho already associated(exists?) like if @user.etho.nil? @user.build_etho end If it it created already, skip building the associated entity –  Amit Patel Jul 24 '12 at 13:38

Your reference id column should be in your users table, can you confirm please?

Which means that in your users migration you should have

t.references :ethos
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