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Node.js itself has a core module called Cluster ( ref: http://nodejs.org/docs/v0.8.3/api/cluster.html) and Learnboost has released a module that is also named Cluster (ref: http://learnboost.github.com/cluster/ https://github.com/LearnBoost/cluster).

How do these two compare? Are they related in someway?

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The core Cluster module was removed from node around version .4 and was only recently re-added with version .8. The LearnBoost version may have been created to fill the void in the mean-time. Unfortunately, I'm unsure how they actually compare. –  Nick Hagianis Jul 23 '12 at 21:37

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Nick Hagianis alredy said it, the cluster module of node.js was temporarily removed. As far as I can see the LearnBoost cluster module isn't developed actively any more. The issues list of the LearnBoost module is quite long.

The LearnBoost module has some features as zero-downtime restart that the internal module doesn't offer. But I'm not sure if it still works with current (0.8.x) versions of node. If you need similar features you may take a look at the Forever tool.

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The cluster module has now been added back in to the core set of modules.

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