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Is there an easy way to filter out "Non-Intentional" stories from the Facebook Graph API. For instance, when I check a user's feed I get tons of "John Smith is now friends with xyz" posts, which are not actually posted by a user.

The graph API used to not return these at all. For older Facebook apps, there is a migration setting "Include recent activity stories" which suppressed these, but new apps don't get that migration option.

I've resorted to a RegEx and checking for a "story_tags" attribute, but I was hoping there's a cleaner way (maybe a query flag to the /feed endpoint?)



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The user's own posts.

Any valid access_token or read_stream to see non-public posts.

array of Post objects.

I think this is it.

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no, unintentional stories still show up for me using the "post" endpoint – bompf Mar 7 '13 at 23:25

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