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I have a table that contains duplicates and uniques id. I want to add 10 cents to all transaction fees and 10 cents to the first row of ever order that is duplicated for example:

What i start with:
order# Fee    
123    5    
123    4    
111    3
122    5

what I should get: 

order# Fee     
123    5.1    --duplicates
123    4.0    --should not have 10 cents. 
111    3.1
122    5.1

I tried using the code below but it updates every order#

-- updates table adds 10 cents to the first order of each duplicate and every unique order
update ebaytemp
set [transaction fees] = [transaction fees] +.10
from (SELECT [order#] 
from ebaytemp
GROUP BY order#
HAVING COUNT(order#) > 1) as E
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First row based on what? If there's two entries with 123, should the 5 or 4 be updated? Do you have something like a date_entered or auto-incrementing id column we could base the "first-row" on? –  Zane Bien Jul 23 '12 at 21:58
The frustrating thing is the duplicates have no unique ID even the timestamp is the same. –  Bartman Jul 26 '12 at 13:18

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If you have a datetime or timestamp column which keeps track of when the transactions were entered (how could you not?), you could base your "first row" off of that column and use:

UPDATE ebaytemp a
    SELECT ordernum, MIN(date_entered) AS minentered
    FROM ebaytemp
    GROUP BY ordernum
) b ON a.ordernum = b.ordernum AND a.date_entered = b.minentered
SET a.fee = a.fee + 0.10
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I'll give this a try thank you very much –  Bartman Jul 25 '12 at 17:22

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