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My .rvmrc file's contents are as follows:

rvm --install use 1.9.3@my_gemset && rvm rubygems 1.8.6 && gem list

Unfortunately, this causes rubygems to reinstall even if my current rubygems version is 1.8.6. It's not a major problem, but a minor annoyance whenever I open a new tab or have to move out of and back into the application's directory.

Is is possible to skip the install if RubyGems is already at the specified version?

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you would need to check rubygems version:

rvm --install --create use 1.9.3@my_gemset &&
  [[ "$(gem --version)" =~ 1.8.6 ]] || rvm rubygems 1.8.6
} &&
gem list
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Seems to work perfectly. I didn't know it functioned like a bash script! –  Chuck Callebs Jul 24 '12 at 0:27
RVM is a bash script and it sources .rvmrc - that's why you need to trust this file - any code can be inside. –  mpapis Jul 24 '12 at 0:43

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