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I'm trying to adjust myself to the style of putting opening curly braces on the same line as the statement they belong to. Usually it looks good:

void foo(){

But when the function header is compound, and has code after the arguments list, it starts to look a little disturbing:

void foo() throws Exception{

And when the it gets so long you need to break it, it looks terrible:

void foo(int arg1,boolean arg2) throws ThisException,

Ofcourse, compound function headers still look elegant in the curly-braces-on-their-own-line style, but I want to keep consistent coding style.

How do other users of the same-line style handle this problem?

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do you really look for the opening brace? i see the name of the function and scan for the closing brace. The opening brace is just boilerplate

also, everything gets better with a whitespace ;)

void foo() throws Exception {
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I'm a believer of the "making wrong code look wrong" ideology, so I don't like it when good code looks bad. About that whitespace - while it does improve the one line compound function header, it doesn't really help in the longer example... – Idan Arye Jul 24 '12 at 0:07

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