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Ok, so this is a little annoyance of mine with Visual Studio 2010 + XAML in WPF. I would like to insert Hyperlink elements or Run elements in my XAML. However, Visual Studio really likes to put said elements on a new line when you create them, and add a space after them. So, the following code:

(<Hyperlink Command="{Binding References}">Click Here for references</Hyperlink>)

will turn into:

<Hyperlink Command="{Binding References}">Click Here for references</Hyperlink> )

when I click Ctrl-K Ctrl-D (which I do often) to format the document. This kind of behavior also happens when I paste the first bit of code somewhere else, or even as I type the hyperlink itself.

Ultimately, the code ends up rendering something like this:

( Click Here for references )

Which just looks silly with too many spaces and requires manual removal.

I have many hyperlinks in my code and probably equally many Run's.

What can I do to remove this default behavior in Visual Studio?

P.S. Links are welcome- I have tried to search around and haven't found anything yet.

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