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We are doing a site search where we search a field with an icontains. It's working great, but the results that come up dont have the most relevant result at the top.

An example is searching for "Game of Thrones". If the search is "Game of", the first result could be "Crazy Game of..." and the second is "Game of Thrones"

Essentially, I'd like to search with icontains, but order by startswith. Any ideas?

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The ordering you're describing is subjective and there's no data like that that comes out of the database (that I'm aware of). If a feature like this is important, you might want to look into a search engine like Solr or Sphinx where you can configure how relevancy scores are determined.

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You're right! A hackish solution would be a subquery that determines a score. Use that score in the order clause. But this isn't a db friendly solution. –  Willian Jul 24 '12 at 8:25

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