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I'm trying to determine how to completely block all content from loading from a domain...

  • All the content on the domain should not even be requested, this is NOT the same as hiding the content already loaded.
  • All the content from any and all subdomains on the same site should also not be requested.
  • All content in the same two fashions should NOT be downloaded in the same fashion if in the code of the domain being blocked in the first two stipulations.

This doesn't display the page however third party assets are still downloaded.


Testing if requests are made can be done with Wireshark or Fiddler2 in example.

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1 Answer

This rule only hides the <html> tag on example.com but doesn't block anything. Therefore all resources are being loaded as usual.

There are some options you can use to specify what you want to block. Here's the list: http://adblockplus.org/en/filters#options

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