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One of the nice things about Textmate was the ability to pipe the contents of an entire scope into a command, like so:

Textmate screenshot

You could then specify the scope to be used, such as meta.class.python or whatever.

I'm trying to write a small plugin that will pipe the entire current scope in as the input for the plugin (for example (not exactly what I'm trying to do, but close), a function that lets you comment out an entire Python class without selecting it all)

Using the current selection(s) as input is quite easy:

import sublime, sublime_plugin
import re

class DoStuffWithSelection(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
    def run(self, edit):
        for region in self.view.sel():
            if not region.empty():
                changed = region  # Do something to the selection
                self.view.replace(edit, region, changed)  # Replace the selection

I've scoured the Sublime Text plugin API for some way to do something like for region in self.view.scope(), but without success.

Is there a way, then, to use the contents of the current scope under the cursor as input for a plugin function? Or, even better, a way to use the entire scope if there isn't a selection, but use the selection if there is one.


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If you want to get text that you select, the following code snippet is an example.

if not region.empty():
    selectText = self.view.substr(region)

If you want to get text where the cursor is located, the following code snippet is an example.

if region.empty():
    lineRegion = self.view.line(region)
    lineText = self.view.substr(lineRegion)

To get more information, see http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/python-tutorials/how-to-create-a-sublime-text-2-plugin/ and http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/api-reference.

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Using the if region.empty() example successfully gets the entire line where the cursor is, but it won't get the entire scope. It also won't let you specify which scope you want (for example, a Python class has source.python meta.class.python and entity.name.type.class.python as scopes, with no way to choose which one the plugin will use. – Andrew Jul 24 '12 at 21:54

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