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Is it possible to call a validation function which is located in a controller from a view elements like "input box". e.g : gmail signup page username field validate when mouse leave...

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you would need to use ajax to do this.

documentation for $.ajax();

  url: "url/to/controller/validationaction",
  success: function(data){
    //do something since validation
  error: function(d,r,x){
    //do something since validation

is a very very remedial example.

Your controller would return an http failure status code using

$this->output->set_status_header(code, 'text');

Link to CI's Output Documentation

list of http status codes

if the validation failed, otherwise return TRUE; or echo a json_encoded array of a message..

$message = array(
  'message' => 'Success!',
  'type' => 'succes',
echo json_encode($message);

Using jQuery Validation

You could also rely on jquery/javascript to handle your validation client side, this would prevent you from having to make an http request just to validate the user's input.

One popular plugin for this is:

It should go noted that, if the user disables jquery/javascript you need to have a failsafe method in place that will validate via codeigniters form validation helper still.

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