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I'm using MongoDB 2.0.6, and I ran out of disk space and can't seem to do anything to clear some up.

I have 3 shards (not replicated, since I can regenerate the photos).

I have one collection called photos, with sharding enabled. I store everything in gridfs so db.photos.files and db.photos.chunks.

All the files ended up on my primary shard and are not distributed eventhough sharding is enabled on my collection.

When I try:

>  db.runCommand({ shardcollection : "photos.fs.chunks", key : { files_id : 1 }})

I get an error about needing to create the index. When I try to create the index I get "Can't take a write lock while out of disk space".

When I try to delete things:

>db.fs.files.remove({$and: [{_id: {$gt: "1667"} }, { _id: {$lt: "5000"} }]});
Can't take a write lock while out of disk space

Any ideas?

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found the answer here stackoverflow.com/questions/2966687/… –  Patrick Forget Jul 24 '12 at 2:24

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