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Hi I am getting Http error 404 while indexing a xml saying problem accesing./solr/#/myproject/update Reason Not Found

Any one have any clue about this.


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what is ./solr/#/myproject/update ???????? http url ???? whats # in it ?? how are you uploading ??? –  Jayendra Jul 24 '12 at 4:09

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If you want to insert data in your Solr you need to execute a curl command.

  1. You need to install php5-curl module on your computer / server
  2. Solr must be running
  3. You need an xml file with your data with the same fieldnames than your schema.xml

Open a terminal and execute this :

curl yoursolrURL/update -H "Content-type:text/xml" --data-binary @yourfilewithdata.xml
curl yoursolrURL/update -H "Content-type:text/xml" --data-binary "<commit/>"
curl yoursolrURL/update -H "Content-type:text/xml" --data-binary "<optimize/>"

That's how I do it. Tell me if this helped you.

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