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My Android device is trying to connect to a sensor via bluetooth.

As a normal bluetooth device, I will need to pragmatically set up the pin code(usually 0000 or 1234)

for the sensor side since it is silent and would not pop up the request dialogue.

I did not find any related clue on the Android dev side.

Does anyone can tell me if there is any approach available to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

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To set the PIN, you can call by reflection the hidden method setPin(byte[]) from BluetoothDevice class.


try {
  Log.d("setPin()", "Try to set the PIN");
  Method m = device.getClass().getMethod("setPin", byte[].class);
  m.invoke(device, pin);
  Log.d("setPin()", "Success to add the PIN.");
} catch (Exception e) {
  Log.e("setPin()", e.getMessage());

Where device is your BluetoothDevice and pin a byte[] array which contains the bluetooth device pin.

But I think, you'll prefer to use the method setPasskey(int). It would be easier for you because you want to set a passkey like "0000" or "1234".

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Thanks for your answer. : ) –  Sam Mar 25 '13 at 2:20

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