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So I have been trying to convert my batch file to bash. I am running a linux (ubuntu) server and I want to run my game server off there instead of my work/play machine. Here is the bash

@echo off
title BSH 525
cd ../build 
"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_03\bin\java.exe" -Xmx700m -server -cp .;../deps/*; net/com/codeusa/Server 43595

and here is my attempt at the bash

cd ../build 
java -server -cp .;../deps/*; ../net/com/codeusa/Server 43595

I keep getting errors such as files not found, or java is complaining about syntax

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Couple of things:

  • The first line should read:


    with a leading #. This is special syntax which tells the kernel which shell should be used to run your script.

  • In Unix, paths are separated with : in Java classpath, rather than ;. So try:

    java -server -cp .:../deps/* ../net/com/codeusa/Server 43595

    The ; is actually a command separator, so the shell was treating your single line as three different commands.

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In Linux the directory separator is : instead of ;

java -server -cp .:../deps/*: ../net/com/codeusa/Server 43595
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You've got a few problems:

cd ../build 
java -server -cp .;../deps/*; ../net/com/codeusa/Server 43595

The hashbang line is incorrect; it should be:


You've got a cd ../build -- but what was the current working directory before you execute this script? You must get that correct -- or use an absolute directory instead, such as:

cd ~/gameserver/build

And, the path separator for lists of directories on Unix-like systems is : instead of ;. So your Java command should instead look like:

java -server -cp .:../deps/*: ../net/com/codeusa/Server 43595

(Though I'm surprised about that blank directory at the end of the class searchpath...)

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Thanks so much guys. I would have pulled every hair out of my head if it was not for all of your help. I am beginning to like the unix kernal. It is very different from Windows (<- rhetorical statement) but I like the computing power and security. – user1547470 Jul 24 '12 at 4:52

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