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The "reviews" output list is apparently limited to the top 5 reviews. This isn't mentioned at all in the documentation. Is there way to get paginated results or more than 5?

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This is explicit stated in the documentation here, under the reviews[] field explaination:

reviews[] a JSON array of up to five reviews.

There is currently no way to retrieve more than 5 reviews. If you think this would be a valuable feature you can submit a Places API - Feature Request here.

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Ahh.. I was looking for "5" in the document. I wish they had been more clear in writing "five (5)" for clarity. Looks like reviews are sorted chronologically, but I can imagine that might be some other algo... I have made a request to not just go beyond the 5, but to allow for better filtering. – David Rodecker Jul 24 '12 at 6:48

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