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I've got an SQLite database with 2 tables.

The first one is called WORDS and has rows that look like: (id, word)

The second one is called WORDS2SECTION and has rows that look like: (id, sectionid)

Every word in the book is listed in WORDS and has a corresponding id. The second table is a bunch of rows connecting each id (symbolizing a word) to a particular section of the book.

I'd like to be able to input a bunch of different words and find the sectionid numbers that contain all of those words.

If there were just one word, then I'm fine:

SELECT sectionid JOIN WORDS WHERE word = '%hello%'

My question is then, how do I expand this to be able to find the sectionid that has all of an inputted list of words.

I tried this:

SELECT sectionid JOIN WORDS ON WORDS.id = WORDS2SECTION.id WHERE word = '%hello%' IN (SELECT sectionid JOIN WORDS ON WORDS.id = WORDS2SECTION.id WHERE word = '%word2%')

But that didn't seem to work. Any ideas? I've search for a while trying to find a solution, but I couldn't find one yet. Though, I admit I'm quite the novice at SQL.

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There is a full-text search module available for sqlite, it could make your task a lot more efficient. sqlite.org/fts3.html –  evil otto Jul 24 '12 at 17:00

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Group by sectionid:

select sectionid, count(sectionid)
where id in (select id
    from WORDS
    where word in ('hello', 'foo', 'bar')
group by sectionid

If the count is the same as the number of words, you have a perfect hit. If the number is lower, some of the words were found. That way, you can weight the results.

Using having count(sectionid) > X, you can limit the results to those which match at least X matches.

Using order by count(sectionid) desc will give you the best matches first.

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Thanks! This did the job perfectly. –  Anthony Tyler Jul 25 '12 at 17:32
select sectionid
 where id in (select id 
                       from WORDS
                      where word like '%hellow%');
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The two tables are joined by id –  Aaron Digulla Jul 24 '12 at 13:06

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