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I'm fiddling around with Pinax project and I quite like it. One thing I've noticed is that it uses Django 1.3. Now my questions are:

  1. What are the main differences between Django1.3 and Django1.4? Should I worry about this versioning if I decide to develop an webapp with Pinax? Now I did try out some other starter projects like this which starts out with Django1.4, but this starter project does not support some of the apps which are included in main Pinax ecosystem and that kinda bothers me, cause I have to rewrite things like pinax_theme_foundation.

  2. Second question I have is about Zurb Foundation which i think its great alternative to twBootstrap. So I have been using this theme for Pinax and I have been really satisfied. But when I kickoff my project with this I'm using Django1.3 which is also one of my concerns. So the question is, should I use django1.3 or rewrite things and use starter project with django 1.4?

  3. Also one more question about zurb-foundation. I have tryed to customize above mentioned theme with that online tool they provide on the their main site by replacing foundation.css file with the file in egg file which I got from pinax_theme_foundation, and the thing breaks in rather strange way. Now I did some digging and noticed that pinax_theme_foundation is still using v2.2.1 and that file I downloaded from zurb-foundation site is v3. Now my question is: Is there any easy way to customizing pinax_theme_foundation? Cause I really just want to fix some colors and thats it, should I edit the css from pinax_theme_foundation or is there any easy way?

Thanks in advance, really could use another oppinion.

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With the new start-projects and django-user-accounts, Pinax actually requires 1.4 now. –  James Tauber Jul 24 '12 at 4:58