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I have a worker role that connects to Sql Azure retrieves a record at a time, processes it marks it done using Entity Framework 4. Pseudo code

 while (true)

        ObjectContext oc = new ObjectContext ();
        //process records
    catch(Exception e)
        //logging code goes here...

The role runs just fine but occasionally (say 9 hrs once) I get an error - "The underlying provider failed on Open." Does that mean that the worker role is unable to connect to SQL Server?

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Do you log the exact error code? In general there are a lot of things that could be. As a start I suggest to read this article, explaining a lot of them. Also check out this SO question, as my answer there explains a lot about Windows Azure SQL Database.

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put in the code for logging the error code. will update when it breaks – user275157 Jul 24 '12 at 17:52

That's some random environment-related error as described here. That happens - SQL Azure is on a separate machine and sometimes network requests just fail. You have to retry your request, that's it.

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So these are just random glitches that would go away if I retry as mentioned in the document. Will put in the retry code as well. – user275157 Jul 24 '12 at 17:53

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