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Is there a way I can modify dynamically the param of a snippet?

E.g. If I call this URL


I would like that my page look like this:

<div class="lift:surround?with=default;at=content">
   <div class="lift:comet?type=MySnippet;name=myname" >

Is that even possible? I tried using some javascript in order to extract the param from the url and putting it in the class attribute of the div but in my understanding that won't work becase the scripts will always execute after lift framework does it's magic.

Thanks in advance! Any help is really appreciated.

I used both tips provided to make it work, like ajantis mentioned reading the param directly from snippet is the easiest way but doesnt work in a comet call. Rogach solution works.

So the solution is:

<div class="lift:Ex.wrap">
  <div id="myid"></div>

def wrap = { 
val name = "lift:comet?type=MySnippet;name=" + S.param("name").openOr("...")            
"#myid" #> <div id="myid" class={name} ></div>
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You can try wrapping that comet snippet in other snippet, which would transform xml and add that name=myname to class. Like:

<div class="lift:Ex.wrap">
  <div class="lift:comet?type=MySnippet"></div>

class Ex {
  def wrap = { (n: NodeSeq) =>
    // example transformation
    // AntiXML syntax
    import com.codecommit.antixml._;
    val comet = n \ "div" head;
    val comet2 = 
      comet.copy(attrs = comet.attrs +
                         ("class" -> (comet.attrs("class") + ";name=myname")))
    n \ "div" updated (0, comet2) unselect
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Thanks Rogach, I amused with lift community. Is really small but full of bright and helpful people. –  rsan Jul 24 '12 at 16:44

Why not just extract http parameter inside snippet processing? i.e.

def render = {
   val name = S.param("name").openOr("...")
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It's a comet snippet (in OP's example) - at the very least, it does not seem to have proper access to S.param. –  Rogach Jul 24 '12 at 12:36
Yes, fair enough. Then i would suggest this comment: stackoverflow.com/questions/7915259/… –  id.ajantis Jul 24 '12 at 12:57
thanx @ajantis ,Rogach solution is a little easier than the propoused in stackoverflow.com/questions/7915259/… but I couldn't have got the answer without your help. –  rsan Jul 24 '12 at 16:42

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