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Is status bar compulsory in iPhone App?

Will Apple reject my application if I hide status bar in all the screen of my iPhone Application?


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Many apps do not show the status bar. Why do you think they would reject yours based on that? –  Greg Hewgill Jul 24 '12 at 5:06
I doubted it because, I did not get any iOS App (except games) without status bar. And, I wasn't able to find any apple doc related to it. Thanks for answer, though. –  iOS App Dev Jul 24 '12 at 5:17

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No, the status bar is NOT mandatory in your app and it won't get rejected.

There are tons of apps that do not utilize the status bar. Also, there are a ton of apps that show and hide it throughout the app depending on the need for it. You are safe if you decide to not use it, or do use it or only use it sometimes throughout your app.

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Thanks for quick response. –  iOS App Dev Jul 24 '12 at 5:10

Even though it is not necessary but you should be very judicious when to show or hide it..

For Eg. When playing a game it is ok to hide the status bar since the entire attention of the user is on the game.. where as if it is normal app like chatting and similar apps the person would like to check the time or his network status to see if data connectivity is available , so you should avoid hiding the bar in such cases...

Keeping in mind the amount of apps available on the app store... you never know what can miff off the user..

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No, the status bar is NOt mandatory in any App of Apple. Apple won't reject any App because of status bar hidden.

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THANKS NIKHIL... –  iOS App Dev Jul 24 '12 at 5:11
you r welcome :) –  Nikhil Bansal Jul 24 '12 at 5:14

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