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In a webappp I am currently creating the user has to provide images that get stored server side in a database. To minimize server load I am handling image resizing client-side courtesy of the HTML5 Canvas and getting the user to pre-approve the quality of the resized image.

The issue I have run into is this - the file size of the resized image is big. If I resize the same image with Paint.NET I can get a perfectly decent light weight 8 bit PNG image. Even the 32 bit Paint.NET image is smaller than the one that turns up on the server via toDataURL. I tried playing around with the toDataURL quality parameter but changing it has no effect whatsoever - exactly the same data size.

I should mention tha t I am testing with Chrome 20.0.1132.57 m and that the only browsers that are relevant to the app are the desktop versions of Chrome and Safari.

I know I could do some server side image processing but I want to avoid that if possible. Question - what, if anything can I do to cut down on the image file size sent out from the browser?

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Browsers may happily ignore any quality parameter given for the toDataUrl and such. I don't believe honoring it is mandatory by the specification.

The only way to control the quality exactly would be

  • Write your own PNG compressor in JS or use something you can steal from the internets https://github.com/imaya/CanvasTool.PngEncoder

  • Dump <canvas> data to ArrayBuffer

  • Pass this to WebWorker

  • Let WebWorker compress it using your PNG compressor library

I believe there exist JPEG/PNG encoding and decoding solutions already.

Alternative you may try canvas.mozGetAsFile() / canvas.toBlob(), but I'll believe browsers still won't honour quality parameters.


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