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I am newbie extJs user. I have using tree panel with checkbox and i want to uncheck the parent node when the children node is not all checked. below is my code, hope you can help me guys, i dont know what to do here.

the structure of my treepanel is something like this:

  • parentnode1
    • sub-parentNode1.1
      • child1.1
      • child1.2
      • child1.3
    • subparentNode1.2
      • child2.1
      • child2.2
  • parentnode2
    • subparentNode2.1
      • child2.1.1

var treeCheck = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    //some code here

//event here

treeCheck.on('checkchange', function(node, checked) {
    if(node.hasChildNodes()==true) {

        node.eachChild(function(n) {

    } else {

        if(!checked) {
            var _parentNode = node.parentNode;
            //i dont know what to do here...
            //specifically, i want to uncheck the parent node and subparent node
            //when the children/child node is unchecked
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Had the same issue. Fixed it by adding this event handler:

treePanel.on('checkchange', function(node, isChecked) {

    // Propagate change downwards (for all children of current node).
    var setChildrenCheckedStatus = function (current) {
        if (current.parentNode) {
            var parent = current.parentNode;
            current.set('checked', parent.get('checked'));

        if (current.hasChildNodes()) {
    if (node.hasChildNodes()) {

    // Propagate change upwards (if all siblings are the same, update parent).
    var updateParentCheckedStatus = function (current) {
        if (current.parentNode) {
            var parent = current.parentNode;

            var checkedCount = 0;
            parent.eachChild(function(n) {
                checkedCount += (n.get('checked') ? 1 : 0);

            // Children have same value if all of them are checked or none is checked.
            var sameValue = (checkedCount == parent.childNodes.length) || (checkedCount == 0);

            if (sameValue) {
                var checkedValue = (checkedCount == parent.childNodes.length);
                parent.set('checked', checkedValue);
            } else {
                // Not all of the children are checked, so uncheck the parent.
                parent.set('checked', false);


Works both ways, downwards (check all children of a node) and upwards (uncheck parent nodes if a node is unchecked) in a recursive manner.

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    //To uncheck the child nodes (I think you didn't ask this)
    /*for(var i in node.childNodes)
        node.childNodes[i].set('checked', false);
    //To unchek the parent node
    node.parentNode.set('checked', false);
    node.parentNode.parentNode.set('checked', false);

Note: I tested it and found that it is not recursive.

From node.parentNode.set('checked', false) only it should have unchecked the grand-parent.

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