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I just want to add scope in my index page so I can filter legal_cases which any specific role is included in their roles association, Role and LegalCase have many to many association I tried

ActiveAdmin.register LegalCase do
  scope :film_maker, joins(:roles).where(' = ?', "Film Maker")

but I got this error

undefined method `joins' for #<ActiveAdmin::ResourceDSL:0x9ca28f4>

any help please what should I use here instead of join?

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How did you fix this issue. I to have a similar issue. please help – Amal Kumar S Sep 12 '12 at 7:11
@AmalKumarS I didn't find a solution for that till now, upvote and share the question as you can and If you find a solution please add it here. – Azzurrio Sep 12 '12 at 17:35

add a scope to the model you're filtering, e.g.

class LegalCase < ActiveRecord::Base


  scope :film_makers, -> { joins(:roles).where(roles: { name: 'Film Maker' }) }
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I used one like this

ActiveAdmin.register LegalCase do

  controller do
    def scoped_collection
      end_of_association_chain.joins("left join users on = bookings.user_id").select('bookings.*, users.*').order(' asc')
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