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Q: How can I fix this problem without hacking the tutorial code too much? I would like to reduce moving away from the tutorial code.

I am working through the online Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. In Chapter 7 we begin to bring in profile photos using the a Gravatar plugin. (This does not appear compatible with Rails 3 - but this is not the question.)

I have got the plugin working however my Rails App does not show the Gravatar image. It shows a text string. ie It injects the Gravatar code as text rather than an html tag.

Instead of showing the following in the file:

<img class="gravatar" alt="" width="52" height="52" src=";size=52" />

It shows this (displaying the text, rather than image):

&lt;img class=&quot;gravatar&quot; alt=&quot;&quot; width=&quot;52&quot; height=&quot;52&quot; src=&quot;;amp;size=52&quot; /&gt;

My view file contains:

<%= gravatar_for user, size: 52 %>

The Gravatar plugin contains (gravatar.rb):

def gravatar(email, options={})
  src = h(gravatar_url(email, options))
  options = DEFAULT_OPTIONS.merge(options)
  [:class, :alt, :size].each { |opt| options[opt] = h(options[opt]) }
  "<img class=\"#{options[:class]}\" alt=\"#{options[:alt]}\" width=\"#{options[:size]}\" height=\"#{options[:size]}\" src=\"#{src}\" />"

Other info:

I am working on a Windows 7 box running Rails 3.2.

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Tell Rails that the HTML is trusted (and so shouldn't be escaped) by using the html_safe method:

def gravatar_for email, options={}
  # ...
  "<img class=\"#{options[:class]}\" ... />".html_safe


Incidentally you can, and probably should, sidestep this issue neatly and entirely by just using Rails' built-in image_tag helper, which has the bonus effect of getting rid of that long, ugly hard-coded string:

def gravatar_for email, options={}
  options = DEFAULT_OPTIONS.merge options
  options[:size] = "%{size}x%{size}" % options  # image_tag expects e.g. "48x48"

  image_tag gravatar_url(email, options), options

(Don't let that "..." % options throw you off—it's basically shorthand for sprintf.)

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Try with

<%= raw gravatar_for(user, size: 52) %>

The default behavior since rails 3 is to escape HTML when using <%= ... %> ; raw disable this behavior.

More details

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