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I use play framework to do web sample excise and meet a problem related to manyToOne.
My object relationship is as follow:

public class User extends Model{  

    public String name;  

    public String email;  
    public User(String username, String email) {       = username;      = email;
public class Note  extends Model{  
    public Long id;  

    public String title;  

    public User user;  

    public static Model.Finder<Long,Note> find = new Model.Finder<Long, Note>(Long.class, Note.class);  
    public Note(User author,String title,) {
        this.user           = author;
        this.title          = title;
    * Retrieve the user's note  
    public static List<Note> findByUser(User user) {  
        return find.where().eq("user", user).findList();  
    ××this test is at another junit test case ××
    public void createNotes()  {  
        User bob = new User("bob",""); ;  
        Note  note1= new Note(bob, "My notes"); ;  
        List<Note> bobNotes = Note.findByUser(bob);  
        Assert.assertEquals(1, bobNotes .size());  
        Note firstNote = bobNotes .get(0);  
        assertEquals(bob, firstNote.user);  
        assertEquals("My notes", firstNote.title);  

My question is: assertEquals("bob", is passed but assertEquals("",; fails and shows as null.

How can I get the user's other field ?

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the question is assertEquals("bob", is passed,but assertEquals("",; failed and show is null. so how could I get the user's other field, I have hacked google and stackoverflow and could not find answer ,thanks. – kaiven Jul 24 '12 at 6:22
It's strange to have an unit test inside a POJO... Also, @Entity annotations are missing on your classes. – nico_ekito Jul 24 '12 at 6:40
are you sure you don't have an error in your User constructor. Could you put its code please – Seb Cesbron Jul 24 '12 at 7:40
thanks for reply,I has modified the description.@nico_ekito,I miss some declares. @ Seb Cesbron,I has changed the constructor,thanks. – kaiven Jul 24 '12 at 9:26
Please post the source to the constructor new User("bob",""); – Samuel Jul 24 '12 at 10:14

Change the findByUser method as follows and the problem is gone:

 * Retrieve the user's note  
public static List<Note> findByUser(User user) {  
    return find.join("user").where().eq("user", user).findList();  
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