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I'm embedding IronPython in my application. Everything goes fine but I found that when I use CreateScriptSourceFromFile to execute a file, it seems that IronPython cached other imported module.

For example I have another file as foo.py:

foo = 'foo'

And I use IronPython hosting API to execute bar.py:

from foo import foo
print foo

If I make changes to bar.py then without exiting the host application I can see my changes made take effect. But if I edit foo.py then I have to reboot my application to see the changes. I've already enabled Debug in the options but it does not help.

Please advice. Thanks very much.

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Yes, imported modules are cached by the ScriptEngine instance. You'll have to create a new engine instance if you want to reload cached modules automatically. There's currently no way to disable that and always reload modules.

An option to disable the caching behaviour isn't a bad idea; open an issue so that it's on the radar. Patches are even better, of course.

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