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Say I have

t1<x and x<t2

is it possible to hide variable x so that t1<t2 in Z3?

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You can use quantifier elimination for doing that. Here is an example:

(declare-const t1 Int)
(declare-const t2 Int)

(elim-quantifiers (exists ((x Int)) (and (< t1 x) (< x t2))))

You can try this example online at:

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Thanks but why the result is t1-t2<=-2? and not t1-t2<0? – william007 Jul 26 '12 at 7:44
Because, t1, t2 and x are integers. For integers we have that if a < b then a <= b - 1. Thus, combining the inequalities t1 <= x - 1 and x <= t2 - 1, we get t1 - t2 <= -2. If we replace Int with Real, we will get a formula that is equivalent to t1 - t2 < 0. – Leonardo de Moura Jul 26 '12 at 14:42

Possible solution using Redlog of Reduce:

enter image description here

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