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I'm creating a game where you have to click buttons in a certain sequence. I want the buttons to blink in order at the beginning so the player could take a look at the sequence and memorize it.. on each round, the buttons get assigned new values, hence the order changes,

I want to be able to make any button blink, meaning instead of writing button1, I wanna be able to use button(i) (if it's possible)

thanks in advance!

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You can put all your buttons that should blink into a list, then create a random number, and use this random number to get the button at this index.

Dim buttons = new Button() {button1, button2, button3} 'Put buttons into list

Dim r = new Random()
Dim seq_length = 3 'Let three buttons blink

For i = 0 To seq_length
    Dim index = r.Next(0, buttons.Count()) 'Get random index
    LetButtonBlink(buttons(index)) 'Use this index to select a button
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thank you very much! –  TkHaddad Jul 24 '12 at 7:26
@TkHaddad No problem. If this answer was helpful for you, please upvote and mark this answer as accepted (click on the check mark). –  sloth Jul 24 '12 at 7:41

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