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I just got an analysis task for an alternative Web UI for our product. My boss likes CRM 2011, so he'd like to get something similar-looking or even the CRM controls themselves, if available. We unfortunately can't build on top of the CRM, as we have pretty sophisticated needs and a very old legacy codebase.

My question: given this screenshot enter image description here how much is already available to Webdevelopers, given they target WebForms or MVC. It seems to use some "standard" UI methodologies in MS world (very Office/desktop-like), like the ribbon, which got "free for everyone" with WPF in .NET 4.5, so maybe that's true for the webcontrols, too? Couldn't find it with a quick search, though.

If that's a dead end, what about 3rd party vendors? Anyone giving you the opportunity to use ribbon and such very desktop-like webcontrols?

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Telerik has some really nice controls for dotNet. Here's the ribbon you are looking for:

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ok, that seems nice, but I won't give uop my hope on the other controls just yet ;) Especially the sidebar.. accepted answer once I'm sure noone else shows up with a better answer. – hko Jul 25 '12 at 20:08
Telerik actually has a side bar as well; however, it should be very easy to replicate the side bar without having to use a 3rd party control. If you're looking to just lift some styling, sign-up for a free CRM 2011 trial and then use Developer Tools inside Internet Explorer (from IE, press F12 on the keyboard -> click the mouse pointer icon in the window that pops up -> select the button/area you want on the page -> Look at the CSS styling on the object and the HTML to build it) – Paul Way Jul 26 '12 at 2:00

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