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I need the indexes of my operations added to NSOperationQueue, And hope it works like this:

    @interface MyOperation : NSObject {
        NSInteger index;
        /* Do Something */

Following will set the index member of myOperation as the location of it in operationQueue.

[operationQueue addOperation:myOperation]

Edit: Actually i use a NSMutableDictionary to store the indexes of operations as objects and operations' names as keys.Like this:

    NSNumber* indexOfOperationInQueue;
    NSMutableDictionary *dictionary;
    -(void) AddOperation {
        indexOfOperationInQueue = [NSNumber numberWithInt:value + 1];
        [dictionary setObject:indexOfOperationInQueue forKey:@"operation0"];

operation cancelled, crosspond key and object deleted.

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The problem you have assigning an index to operations in a queue, is that as the queue is cleared, their index will change. Why don't you just assign ordinal values to them.

Add a super class for your operations with a class variable for the next index, and a method like

- (void) addToOperationQueue:(NSOperationQueue)queue;

Which sets the index value from the class variable.

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You can add each operation you create using NSOperationQueue to NSMutableArray then access operations from this array.

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