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I was wondering if it is possible to keep some data even after refreshing the page. For example, I have values in my array and I don't want to lose them after refreshing the page.

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If you add more information on your use case, we can better specify a solution for you. All the answers below will work, but some solutions are better than others depending on the scenario. – rkw Jul 24 '12 at 7:59
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Use Cookies in javascript or the HTML5 localStorage,sessionStorage variable .

To use HTML5 LocalStorage, simply use it like variable preceded by localStorage.


To use HTML5 sessionStorage, simply use it like variable preceded by sessionStorage.


For more Info See Here

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Set a cookie with your values and request the cookie.

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One way is to create Cookie and store in it $.cookie("SomeKey", 1);

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There is a trick w/ in some browsers which allows to keep data even after refresh. Window name can store a json of your array. = "[JSON]";

BTW, Dojo implemented wrapper around Dojo WindowName

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I have used jStorage in the past for storing data, its uses HTML 5 local storage where available and falls back to other methods when needed.

$.jStorage.set(key, value, options)

value = $.jStorage.get(key)
value = $.jStorage.get(key, "default value")
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