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I'm a newbie in android so please don't judge me hard.
I'm trying to create a screen with two areas, an image area and a text area.
In the image area several images should be changed within a periodical time, 3-4 seconds. (Please see the image: enter image description here)

Can you please give me an example how can I accomplish this?

Thank you.

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You can use CountDownTimer class for this.

Or you can use a Gallery with Thread and Handler to achieve this.

Here is a link to the project called AutoSlideGallery,


The core logic is here,

(new Thread() {

        public void run() {

            handler.postDelayed(this, 2000); // execute every two second.

And the method which performs the action,

private void myslideshow() {
    PicPosition = gallery.getSelectedItemPosition() + 1;
    if (PicPosition >= pics.length)
        gallery.setSelection(0); // stop
        gallery.setSelection(PicPosition);// move to the next gallery
                                            // element.
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