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Using awk I want to get columns starting with /acq/old/*.


z y x / ACQ / old / a.zip y
z y t / ACQ / old / a.zip x

The fourth column


z y / ACQ / old / a.zip 10
z y / ACQ / old / a.zip 20

the third column


file n

z y w t / ACQ / old / x.zip 100
z y f r / ACQ / old / w.zip 200

The fifth column

I want to do following an operation.

for myfile in ls *. txt
  awk '??' $ myfile
  other processes
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You can use sed to get rid of leading columns:

sed 's@^[^/]*@@' input

This is awk solution:

awk -F/ -vOFS=/ '{$1=""}1' input
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Thank you very much. commands worked properly –  hanifigoktas Jul 26 '12 at 10:10

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