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I want to add up inventory movements made before a date grouped by product. I have to check the date from different tables depending on the document type.

Basically I have 3 type of movements: invoices, nulled invoices and other types of documents. The information of those documents are in 3 tables:

  • OTHERS: DOC, DATE, ....

Then I have all the movements in another table:


So I need to check the dates in the corresponding table depending on DOC_TYPE in order to add up the QUANTITY of a movement. For instance if DOC_TYPE = 1 then check the date of the DOC in INVOICES, if DOC_TYPE = 2 then check the date in NULLED_INV and if DOC_TYPE = 3 then check the date in OTHERS, and add up all the movements grouped by product:

1001       10
1002       25

Any idea in how to make such query?

I tried using an IF in the WHERE clause but it didn't work.

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You should create only one Invoices table with a new column DocType, as you named it or InvoiceType, to indicate the invoice type instead of these three tables. Then it will be much more easier to write queries against these two tables. – Mahmoud Gamal Jul 24 '12 at 8:26
Thanks Mahmoud, the thing is that the table INVOICES has several columns that are not shared by the table OTHERS for example, so if I include all other documents in the same table I would have several empty and also I would have to add columns to INVOICES that will not be used by invoices, just for other type of documents – ednincer Jul 24 '12 at 17:27
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Simplest solution should be possible with a UNION:

SELECT product_id, count(*) total_movements_before
FROM movements m
  SELECT doc, date
  FROM invoices
  SELECT doc, date
  FROM nulled
  SELECT doc, date
  FROM others
) sub
ON m.doc = sub.doc
WHERE < :beforedate
GROUP BY m.product_id

I have to add though, why don't you add a column to, say, invoices table to indicate the type? That way you could merge you three tables into one and don't require UNIONs when you want to select from all three (e.g. SELECT * FROM movements m LEFT JOIN invoices i ON m.doc = i.doc AND m.doc_type = i.doc_type)

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Thanks Knittl, after minor changes that worked well! Final query: SELECT m.product_id, sum(m.quantity) as total_mov_before FROM movements m LEFT JOIN ( SELECT doc, 1 as tdoc, date FROM invoices UNION ALL SELECT doc, 2 as tdoc, date FROM nulled UNION ALL SELECT doc, 3 as tdoc, date FROM others ) sub ON m.doc = sub.doc and m.doc_type = sub.tdoc WHERE < :beforedate GROUP BY m.product_id – ednincer Jul 28 '12 at 7:20

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