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I am trying to display 3 Highcharts-generated graphs on one page. I have loaded up the first two just fine but when I add the Javascript for the third all of them do not show. I have duplicated my code in this JSFiddle:


Any help or guidance would be really appreciated.

I have checked out this answer: Manage multiple highchart charts in a single webpage

And googled around a lot. I am sure it is my limited understanding of Javascript holding me back.

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you've missed } somewhere, here is what I see in firebug:

missing } after function body


you haven't closed last closure, add }); at the end of code

I have also removed 2 closures and only one, see updated code: http://jsfiddle.net/bCU2E/2/

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Your syntax was wrong, updated; here is the correct fiddle

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