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I trying to use XML codes to create SWT Widgets.

I want to store these widgets first before adding it into the GUI component, so I created a List for storage of these widgets using

List<Widget> widgets = new ArrayList<Widget>();

However, how do I create this widget without specifying it's parent composite?

Widget newWidget = new Button(null,SWT.RADIO); // Argument cannot be null

In here, I do not want to add it to a parent composite yet, so I specify null, but I am not able to get through.

How can I create this Widget without adding to the parent composite (as I do not have a composite now)?

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Well, as javadoc states, IllegalArgumentException is thrown when parent argument is null. What you can do is place your widgets at some invisible composite, and then use org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control.setParent(Composite parent) to add them to different Composite.

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