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Is there a mechanism for getting a function definition from console without grepping manually files ?

I search for a way to find fast a definition of known function name.

For example I want to know where "_kill" autocompletion function is defined.

In ruby with the use of pry I can get something like this:

show-method find

From: app/models/search/object.rb @ line 2:

Number of lines: 7

def self.find(conditions = {}, options = {})
  type = extract_object_type
  raise 'do not call Search::Object directly' if type == 'Object'
  search_logic = "Search::#{type.camelize}Logic", options)
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For zsh, try whence -f or type -f. For example:

myhost% whence -f _kill
_kill () {
    # undefined
    builtin autoload -XUz
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is there a way to find where this function was defined ? ie.. the actual file ? – gprasant Sep 10 '14 at 17:50

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