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When using LastFullWeek i get the last Sunday - Saturday week, but for my reports i want the last Monday - Sunday week. Is there any simple way to get this behaviour, or do I have to write my own function for it (which isn't that hard, but unconvenient for such a common date span.)

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custom function:

Function (DateVar date, Optional NumberVar firstDayOfWeek := crSunday)
  (date - DayOfWeek(date, firstDayOfWeek)) - 6 TO (date - DayOfWeek(date, firstDayOfWeek))


// use with non-volatile DataDate and Sunday
{TABLE.DATE} IN LastFullWeekEx(DataDate)

// use with non-volatile DataDate and Monday
{TABLE.DATE} IN LastFullWeekEx(DataDate, crMonday)


// should return True
( Minimum(LastFullWeek) = Minimum(LastFullWeekEx(DataDate, crSunday)) ) AND
( Maximum(LastFullWeek) = Maximum(LastFullWeekEx(DataDate, crSunday)) )
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Instead of using

{DATE} in LastFullWeek

use the form

{DATE}-1 in LastFullWeek

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The code, if no better answer comes along, for others who find this question through the search engine:

{DATE} >= currentdate - dayofweek(currentdate, crMonday) - 6 AND
{DATE} <  currentdate - dayofweek(currentdate, crMonday) + 1
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You have no other choice than to use a custom formule as Crystal Reports uses fixed week settings (US). So a week is Sunday to Saturday and DayOfWeek starts with Sunday (value/index 1).

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DayOfWeek can simply be made to start the week on other weekdays by using DayOfWeek (date, firstDayOfWeek). I was hoping there was a similar solution to my LastFullWeek problem. –  LapplandsCohan Aug 1 '12 at 12:27

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