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I have a long table with a lot of fields, that doesn't fit the defined page width I have to work with. Nothing can be made smaller, so my only option is to somehow break the table into two pieces, with half the columns on top, and half below.

Short of actually creating two grids, and then marrying the data back up into one element behind the scenes, is there a way to do this with one grid? Or something like a grid?

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How are you populating the data in the grid? It kind of sounds like you just want to have two Grids pointing at the same store. Either that or make the grid scrollable horizontally so that you can scroll to the right and see all the other columns. – BuffaloBuffalo Jul 24 '12 at 12:22

There is concept of Sub-rows in grid, you can see a working demo here -

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Whilst that looks like it couldbe useful in the future, it's not really what I'm after, but thanks. IF you took that example, then what I'd want would be a normal table, but everything from the Throws column onwards would be completely below the rest of the table. Just like it was two tables....but still just one table, physically broken up. It amy well be that the answer is "make two tables and patch the data back together behind the scenes"...but I'm hoping not :) – JimBadger Jul 24 '12 at 11:39

You can also specify the width of each column, then there will appear a horizontal scroll so that you can see the rest of the columns.

If you have large dataset then go through this article as it was very much helpful

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