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Here is my code that sends a form via AJAX and then is meant to display a message back to the user

var postValues =   {
                name: $($nameObject).val(), 
                email: $($emailObject).val(),
                message: $($messageObject).val(),
                form: $(this).find('input[name=form]').val()

            var form = this;

            $.post(config.basePath + 'contact/', postValues, function(data) {

                // get json here and make sure it sent

                 console.log('done request!');


                var $statusObject = $(form).find('.status-message');

                if (data.success) {



                    setTimeout(function() {


                        $(form).find('input[type=text], textarea').val('');


                    }, 1500);

                } else { // error with ajax



              }, 'json');

            return false;


Firebug says that the JSON being returned is

{"success":true,"messsage":"Sent successfully"}

I can easily get the value of data.success, but whenever I try and access data.message it is set to 'undefined'.

However, when I do


I get the correct output into Firebug:

Object success=true messsage=Sent successfully

What sounds like the cause of this? It's driving me a bit insane!

Thanks in advance for any help.

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It looks like your return string in Firebug is me**sss**age... notice the extra s.

I think that might be your problem ;)

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I'm giving you the accepted answer because you have the least rep :) – alex Jul 22 '09 at 2:46
Aw.. so sweet :p – womp Jul 22 '09 at 2:49

You're trying to access data.message, but your JSON has data.messsage. With three esses.

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Wow! I knew it had to be something stupid like that. Thanks chaos :) – alex Jul 22 '09 at 2:43

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